Two Years – MCA

Whilst May 4th may fast be becoming ‘Star Wars’ day in Internet land, to me it means something different, as good as Star Wars is this is something that resonates. Two years ago today MCA of the Beastie Boys passed away at 47 years of age.

It might be an exclusive generational thing, hopefully not. The Beastie Boys are a band I dip in and out of these days. There’s not many bands of which I own every album. An outfit I kinda grew up with. Very slightly older and in a way musical mentors. Hardcore Punk giving way to groundbreaking, world conquering unique Hip-Hop (Licensed To Ill), to sublime experimentation (Paul’s Boutique) to inspiring pick up an instrument and jam (Check Your Head) to let’s polish that last phase (Ill Communication) to the maturing (Hello Nasty) and the love of their home city (To The 5 Boroughs) then the unexpected final album (Hot Sauce Committee Part Two). There’s not a dud in there including every single and E.P.

An artist in the very real sense. From wasted youth to humble statesman he rarely put a foot wrong and never expected any gratitude. The Beastie Boys acknowledged their initial tomfoolery and MCA, in particular put this right. Almost spiritual with no overbearing, he was a correct man and more than the music is missed. As good as Star Wars is – let May 4th be MCA day, not that he’d want it. Unique humble genius…


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