Dance Craze – 2 Tone.

In 1981 the 2 Tone label, orchestrated by Jerry Dammers and funded by Chrysalis Records released the labels 4th album. Coming hard on the heels of the Specials 2nd album this live compilation was truly the peak of the ska / 2 Tone late 70’s / early 80’s boom (even if it was before the glorious Specials swan song Ghost Town). It was simply a magical time for music.

In an era when only the wealthy had video recorders – even a 30 second TV commercial for the album was electrifying for wide eyed / open eared 11 year olds. These bands were playground heroes, we’d missed Punk but this was almost as good and at times arguably better. From the albums artwork to the exposure of lesser heard 2 Tone artists Dance Craze  was an album of near immediate myth, from drawing the bands logos to the badges and patches then most importantly the music.It’s a unique album to this very day…




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