Phil Collins! Grand Theft Auto V brought me here.

Grand Theft Auto V has a lot to answer for. Rightly I would never listen to Phil Collins. Sure In The Air Tonight was a fairly unique early 80’s Number 1 that had something about it and some Genesis tracks are bearable, but, y’know – Phil Collins.

Anyway so I’m playing a mission and probably too immersed in Grand Theft Auto V when I get in to my (in-game) car and head off. The music is playing through my speakers rather than my television. Then a Los Santos Radio Station starts playing a very 80’s song. I’ve never heard it before but it has a nice Miami Vice feel to it. I turn the sound up wondering who it is for about 10 seconds before the horror of realisation that it’s Phil Collins – except it’s good.

I Don’t Care Anymore maybe a lesser known song of the artist who is probably correctly reflected upon best in American Psycho, but hey I’m going to swallow my pride and admit I enjoyed it – Grand Theft Auto V you’ve got a lot to answer for…



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