The Clash – Tommy Gun.

In 1978 The Clash released their 6th and arguably best ever single. The single would just dent the U.K. Top 20 but what do the record buying public know anyway. Tommy Gun would feature on the bands 2nd studio album Give ‘Em Enough Rope – an album often maligned by critics that I have been listening to a lot recently. It’s a far better album than it gets credit for and walks a strange line from post punk into straight up rock – its influence is clear in many, many following bands.

Tommy Gun has immediacy. It has a hook. Its sentiments lyrically are rattled out on machine gun style drums. It has superb production. It has a killer B-Side and a great sleeve. It has one of the best endings to a song EVER. Purists will disagree but as a single The Clash never encapsulated themselves as clearly as they did with this record…



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