Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).

In early 1983 The Eurythmics released what would become their widest known and played song Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This). The single was a gradual chart climber, the kind that hung around for an age in the most welcome of ways. It ticked all the right boxes at the exact right time. It has electro leanings (you could body-pop to it) – yet it had deep Pop sensibilities also.

Androgyny, a slick video that predated the yuppie / business boom of the 80’s, suggestive S&M lyrics and above all it sounded very fresh for what is after all a Pop record. The outfit would go on to become coffee table legends and multi-million sellers but at the point of this record The Eurythmics were electric. Unlike Love Is A Stranger (a previous single which would get a re-release in light of the Sweet Dreams success) it sounds cold yet bold and marked a new wave of electro mainstream pop (whereas Love Is A Stranger shows signs of 70’s disco and is still a half decent song).

Sweet Dreams would peak at Number 2 in the U.K. Held off the top spot by a lacklustre Duran Duran ditty (Is There Something I Should Know). It would however reach Number 1 in the States and was the true beginning of a hugely successful period for the outfit. A rare case of an outfit actually peaking with their real first mainstream success…




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