Joy Division – Licht und Blindheit

Licht und Blindheit was released by Joy Division in March 1980. With a run of just over 1500 copies it was released in France only and most copies were given away. Today it will set you back about £1000 for a mint copy. The elaborate artwork has the look that surely must have inspired the 1988 Anton Corbijn video for Atmosphere. 

The single features two Joy Division songs and the time frame sits between their remarkable debut album (1979) and their final album (1980). It is the only release along with the flexi-disc Komakino which fill the small time frame between what are two astonishing, unsurpassable albums.

Atmosphere is a song so stark and beautiful. It is both very soft and hard hitting. It has the bleak other wordly bliss like songs from Closer yet it is very unique. One can see why many fans cite it as their best song (I disagree with this but it’s a damn fine song).

Dead Souls is more akin to the sound of Unknown Pleasures Joy Division. This said, it has the removed militaristic vibe of Closer. Powerful and a real example of art in music. So good that it’s hard to actually write about it. As time goes on one realises that they really were one of the best bands ever…



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