New Order – Ceremony.

In March 1981 New Order released their debut single Ceremony on the Factory label. It would just dent the U.K. Top 40 but would stay for an age in the Independent Charts (remember when the Independent Charts meant almost as much as the real Charts before the term “indie” was overridden by 90’s BritPop?)

Ceremony is in truth an unreleased Joy Division song – but it’s a fitting beginning for New Order too. One can only imagine how New Order may have given it all up after the way Joy Division ended with a jolt in 1980. A few low key gigs abroad under a different guise (The No Names) then New Order went on to being one of the most important bands of the 80’s – as the 80’s ended so did their relevance in all reality.

Ceremony is often cited as the best New Order song, which is not the case at all. The band found their true feet when they moved into dance music territory and for a while were peerless – their best music is here – a world away from Joy Division. Ceremony is a great single and an important record for many reasons. It was hugely influential and marks a poignant turn…





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