Pink Floyd answered in a moment of Madness (Baggy Trousers).

Most people may not have realised that Baggy Trousers by Madness is pretty much a direct reply to Another Brick In The Wall (Part Two) by Pink Floyd. The single that topped the charts as the 70’s became the 80’s in an ideal world would have been the last from Pink Floyd? It’s tone and the bands placing were perfect to do this and this mirrors the real end of significance from them with a downbeat gloomy anti-Pop classic.

In contrast Baggy Trousers is a loon-fest. Joyously silly Ska-Pop which still to this day transforms 40 somethings when aired at any disco/ club/ pub, etc back into jumping former versions of themselves. Released a mere 8 months after the Pink Floyd Number 1 Madness hit Number 3 with a song that sounds decades away. Hitting the nail on the head that school seemed terrible at the time but with rose tinted spectacles it was a hoot. A Pop classic…



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