Killing Joke – Love Like Blood. Goodbye 1984.

In 1983 many 13 year olds like myself actually believed the world would end in 1984 thanks to Threads on television (a nuclear bomb television movie) and the George Orwell novel 1984 (which none of us had actually read). That fear that we wouldn’t experience things. That dread.

So naturally in 1985, when all of this, (thankfully), turned out to be gubbins there was some kind of initially quiet muted celebration. In January 1985 Killing Joke released the single Love Like Blood. The world was safe, music took a turn, things kinda changed. Listen to them, they sound like Big Country gone apeshit, they sound like all before 1984 and push it forward with brooding menace. A black celebration and alternative music got darker and heavier resulting in a thankful full-on new wave of hardcore / grindcore outfits that emerged from the gloom (Napalm Death et al) and the rest of the 80’s were an unbelievable melting pot of music the kind of like is sadly missing today…

Killing Joke - Love Like Blood (Gestalt Mix)



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