The Cult – Spiritwalker

Before Indie meant something post The Stone Roses and eventually applying to bands on mainstream, big labels too The Cult played a big part in the Indie charts and movement. The Goth movement did it’s thing in the early 80’s and music for those who were kicking themselves for missing out on the actual Punk movement by being, dare I say it, too young – found something exciting, real and going somewhere.

The Southern Death Cult became The Death Cult then became The Cult. The joke at the time was they would end up being called The, after dropping one word at a time from the bands name. The Cult in the mid 80’s took up the mantle laid down by Bauhaus, Killing Joke, Theatre of Hate, Siouxsie & the Banshees and The Cure before them. Along with an amphetamine dry-ice cold yet pumped minimal sound from bands like The Sisters Of Mercy and New Model Army they brought a lot of genres together.

The audience in this video for Spiritwalker has that post 2nd wave of Punk and first wave of Goth make-up and essentially a mix of Psychobilly which too played an understated hand in underground music at this time. The Tube was essential viewing and made you want to see bands that looked and sounded this raw and exciting. Energy, passion and a touch of the unknown, stuff your parents “tut” at – it’s at the heart of all essential Rock n’ roll…



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