The Stone Roses – All For One

When The Stone Roses announced the release their first new song since 1994 social media radars honed in. Practically immediately most suggested it would be a poor offering, the good news is –  it isn’t.

The very fact the band are still playing, with their original line-up should simply be celebrated. Let’s not forget what the band started even before their undeniably classic debut album.

So a few years after their reformation the need for some new material was rightly becoming noted. They really could get away with no new material ever, I mean, when did The Rolling Stones last release a record of any relevance yet they still sell out huge stadiums.

After just a few listens the simple hook of All For One will draw in most. A song that will lodge in your head with its sheer simplicity. The production and vocal delivery does hark back to that late 80’s sound albeit a little beefed up. Despite its wide appeal (Pop) sound it does have the vibe of Spacemen 3 circa Playing With Fire. Beneath the directness is that mystery of The Stone Roses for sure.

They’re teasing us and the immediate negative slating the song is getting may be put into a much wider context should an album follow potentially leaving egg on the faces of of naysayers rather like that paint at FM Revolver all them years back…



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