Föllakzoid, Melt Dunes. The Lanes, Bristol. August 18th 2018.

Melt Dunes are a support band beyond supporting levels. Think early Psych drenched (Astronomy Domine) Pink Floyd with the benefit of Post Noise elements, shades of Math Rock and pure wig-out glory. They look awkward but in the purest of real rock n’roll ways. Experimental and raw, controlled and chaotic. Their set offers no stops between tracks as the whole setlist blends into rising raucousness. After a 45 minute set the fried crowd yell and whoop in total approval. Ones to check out and a flawless performance.

Follakzoid have mutated in their years and now are a challenging live prospect in the very best of aural and visual ways. Airs of real hypnotism, spellbinding sound, drones rearing into rave, welcome electronic leanings and an air of bliss yet sparks of real danger. Two tracks taking up an hour and a half with the first clocking in at over 50 minutes. A musical journey that somehow seems more than music. Art and performance.  Two responses from the audience only. Either fingers in ears and very puzzled faces or people just totally getting lost in the music – I’ll go with the latter. Quietly one of the most important bands on the planet right now.

Both bands 10/10 albeit in very different ways. Catch ’em while you can…








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