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20 Singles. The Final Countdown.

No need to cough out your tea. Europe are not about to enter my 20 Singles chart. As with the 20 Albums – I thought it logical to try and order them. There… Continue reading

The Exploited – Dead Cities – 20 Singles.

A bit of selfishness here. I know a lot of people will not agree that “Dead Cities” by The Exploited is one of the best 20 singles ever made. It really is about… Continue reading

Money Mark – Hand In Your Head – 20 Singles.

The Beastie Boys are one of my all time favourite bands. They get high placings in my 20 Albums, so I’m overlooking them for 20 Singles. If i was to go with a… Continue reading

Johnny Foreigner – Salt, Peppa & Spinderella – 20 Singles.

This single is far better than it should be. It works on many levels. Knowingly very “Pixies” like it is quite unique too. Beginning with a very poggy bass jab and the snare… Continue reading

Hard-On’s – Busted / Suck N Swallow – 20 Singles.

The Hard On’s are the best live band I have ever seen. Scroll back if you feel like it and check out the review from The Fulham Greyhound in the gig list. There… Continue reading

Nirvana – Sliver – 20 Singles.

Nirvana’s best track is Aneurysm in my opinion. The B-Side to Smells Like Teen Spirit therefore I guess it cannot qualify as a single release. Before the snowball that was the band becoming… Continue reading

Radiohead – Just – 20 Singles.

When Radiohead emerged in the early to mid 90’s I guess I’m not alone in thinking they were just a twee, British, take on Nirvana. “Creep”, I’m looking at you here. Creep is… Continue reading

The Jam – Funeral Pyre – 20 Singles.

The Jam were a huge band in my formative years. I was never a massive fan of theirs but always checked out what they released. I picked up “Funeral Pyre” by chance on… Continue reading

Dead Kennedys – Holiday In Cambodia – 20 Singles.

Released in 1980 I got round to hearing this in 1984. The single is the Dead Kennedy’s 2nd ever release and is different to the re-recorded version that features on their debut album… Continue reading

The Misfits – Bullet – 20 Singles.

Released on the bands own label in 1978 (Plan 9) The Misfits released an astonishing 7 inch single that is now worth a small fortune. Incredibly no record label would put out their… Continue reading