Phil Collins! Grand Theft Auto V brought me here.

Grand Theft Auto V has a lot to answer for. Rightly I would never listen to Phil Collins. Sure In The Air Tonight was a fairly unique early 80’s Number 1 that had something about it… Continue reading

Doctor Who. It really started and ended with Tom Baker? (Part Two)

The Talons of Weng-Chiang aired in early 1977. Watching it again in 2014 it may come in for some political correctness criticism if it was aired today? Anyway, it’s tale of that borrows from Sherlock… Continue reading

Doctor Who. It really started and ended with Tom Baker? (Part One).

A few days after Christmas in 1974 I would have been 4 years old, just. I watched Doctor Who previously, or rather I was plonked in front of the television whilst it was… Continue reading

Film Review : Mistaken For Strangers

Mistaken For Strangers is the kind of documentary that fans of The National will find themselves purchasing to add to an impressive collection of six studio albums thus far. A rockumentary however, the film is not.… Continue reading

Beastie Boys – To The 5 Boroughs.

In June, 2004 the Beastie Boys released their 6th full studio album proper To The 5 Boroughs. Coming a lengthy 6 years after their crossover hit album Hello Nasty – To The 5 Boroughs kind of took things back to the… Continue reading

Real Nirvana. The Academy. Birmingham. 31st May. 2014.

Real Nirvana do beyond what tribute bands are generally for. Really – they do. Supporting Metallica ReLoaded at the Birmingham Academy the crowd size is dented slightly by the Froch Vs Groves fight and Supersonic Festival I imagine.… Continue reading

The The – This Is the Day.

This Is The Day (1983) is the 4th single released by The The. It never bothered the charts and made an appearance, albeit in a slightly different form on the artists debut album Soul Mining. It is simply a… Continue reading

Dead Kennedys – Kinky Sex Makes The World Go Round.

In early 1982 The Dead Kennedys contributed a track to the anarcho compilation album Wargasm. The album was sold at a low price point and distributed via an independent label. This made the album visible in… Continue reading

Sleaford Mods – Jolly F*cker

Sleaford Mods seem to be everywhere lately. Today I gave them a listen for the first time. That first listen really did bring to mind John Cooper Clarke, The Fall, Happy Mondays, The… Continue reading

Beastie Boys – Tough Guy.

20 years ago today the Beastie Boys released their third full-length album Ill Communication. It is amongst their best albums but I’d call it at their 3rd maybe 4th best. That blend of Punk and… Continue reading