3rd April 1997. Human Nature. Austarlian Bar (upstairs). Birmingham.

The very next day another free beer showcase. Good for socialising, but maybe not my liver. Another Sony showcase with Andy Brand. This time my mates Findlay and Barney tagged along. A big mistake. They abused the free alcohol like no others, I tried to stay relatively drink free.

Human Nature were like an Aussie poor mans Take That. they were massive in Australia and Sony were promoting their UK single release.

The band played accapella and tried to get the 30 strong crowd involved. Clicking fingers and winking they called for everyone to go “Hmmmmmmm” and I went along with this only to quickly realise I was the only person doing so. I quickly stopped!

They were very poor. Of note that I had a chat with their manger and naturally started talking about the great Australian band The Hard-Ons (best gig ever – go back to November postings if you haven’t already). Amazed that he was a big fan too. He didn’t actually say it but you could tell he thought Human Nature were dire too. This showcase was all about Sony Cash Cow machine in effect.

When I returned to Findlay and Barney (who’d ignored the whole performance) their whole table was littered with empty glasses. Gin. Wine. Beer. Scotch. They’d drink them all. Fair play to them too – Sony were paying.

Human Nature bothered the lower regions of the Top 40 for a week or so shortly after and disappeared never to surface in the UK again.

Rate 2 out of 10.


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